Privacy on Your Computer and Why You Should Care About It.

People should own their computers and should be able to control what goes in and out of the PC. Unfortunately people have been slowly stopped caring about and it’s scary. In this modern age that we live in, YOUR DATA IS VERY VALUABLE TO COMPANIES and want to spy on you, and sell your information for more money and people don’t give a shit about it and think it’s normal. EVERYTHING now days tracks EVERYTHING you do which includes your name, email, passwords, IP address which shows your locations and EXACTLY which city and state you’re in. Almost every company is looking behind you for everything you do and is tracking and logging EVERYTHING. The problem with this is that if some were to get into those server, say goodbye to your sensitive information because you’ll be fucked. It’s sad that people think that they should give away their freedoms and privacy for the convenience of using a program and they think its normal. Now if you care about your privacy, what can you do in a world of eyes over everything you do? The solution is by using free and completely open-source applications. The first step is using a free OS that respects your freedom which is Linux (GNU/Linux). Linux respects your privacy and is completely open for anyone to look at. Now at first that might sound scary and make it easier to make malware but it makes it easier to fix those flaws which Linus Torvalds once said in his law.

“given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow.” -Linus Torvalds

Once a bug in Linux is found, it’s easily fixed and all patched up by contributors and fans of the kernel. The thing is that in order to do most things in the world nowadays, you’ll need a browser, a good ones are Mozilla Firefox, with help with of course to disable its telemetry, GNU IceCat, the Tor Browser or even Ungoogled Chromium. With these browser you can add or they automatically include extensions to enhances privacy on the internet like Privacy Badger, CanvasBlocker, HTTPS Everywhere, uBlock Origin, LibreJS and more. DO NOT USE GOOGLE CHROME, OPERA, OR EDGE/IE, THEY ARE COMPLETE SPYWARE AND WILL NOT PROTECT AND RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY. With this new browser, you don’t wanna use Google Search as it doesn’t respect user privacy and logs every search you do. DuckDuckGo and Searx are great search engines that don’t track every search you do. Now if you’re a person who cares about privacy, you don’t use social media platforms as most of them track you in some way or another (the exception is Mastodon which is open source and cares about privacy). DO NOT IN ANYWAY USE ANYTHING MADE MY FACEBOOK, FACEBOOK IS A MASS SURVEILLANCE ENGINE AND WILL TRACK EVERY ONE OF YOUR MOVEMENTS EVEN IF YOU’RE NOT EVEN ON FACEBOOK OWNED SITES. THEY WILL TRACK YOU IN EVERY PHOTO EVEN FROM THE BACK OF YOUR HEAD. DO NOT POST ANYTHING ON FACEBOOK OR FACEBOOK OWNED PLATFORMS LIKE INSTAGRAM, MESSENGER AND WHATSAPP. USE FACEBOOK CONTAINER TO NOT LET FACEBOOK TRACK YOU ON DIFFERENT SITES. The cold hard truth is that everyone tracks you in this modern world, whether it’s from spyware disguised as a browser, running non-free JavaScript code that takes your browser information secretly, or coded directly into the OS you might be using right now. This should be illegal but of course America and other countries, don’t care about the people, they only care about the companies that make them money even if some of their tactics are anti-competitive and is completely clear as fucking day.