Why You Should Try Linux

I personally use Linux (Kubuntu) for most of my computer needs, it's fast, works better, and free. I don't like Windows 10 and I never had. I never liked the metro theme and I would prefer to use Windows 7 if I wanted to be safe even though I had to use it. Unfortunately in Microsoft fashion, they ended support for Windows 7 in 2020 and my theory is in order to get more market share for Windows 10. After that, along with the privacy issues and because I has been interested in Linux for years. So I make an Ubuntu Live USB stick and try it out and everything just worked, the WiFi and the sound worked right out of the box and I've loved it. Ever since that I've been using Linux ever since and I think that you should try it. Linux is completely free, you don't have to pay for anything about it, everything or most things are open source, including a bunch of the amazing apps that have Linux support. I think that Linux will be the future of Operating Systems and normal computing. Linux has a bunch of amazing apps similar to most of the mainstream apps that could be the same or maybe better than the original. (MacOS is pretty much a version of BSD, it's not really that special.)


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Some Linux Tips


My Distro Recommendations:




KDE Neon


Linux Mint