Warez, Downloads and other stuff..

Free Versions of Windows from 1 up to XP Beta, also includes DOS, Mac OS (Pre-X), and Linux:


Some PC-98 games:

Archive.org Collection

Mega.nz Collection

Big collection of games from PSN for softmodded systems:


Vimm's Lair, he's got some roms on there:

Vimm's Lair

Some PS2 and PSP Isos:

PS2 Isos (cdromance)

PSP Isos (cdromance)

Some PC/Windows games

NitroBlog's PC Game Collection

All of the Touhou games

touhouprojectlovers (Blogspot)

Downloads I've Made:

Otaku World Archive

Activate Windows Watermark

MarioCube, They got some shit:


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