February 19th: PS3

IDK why but the PS3 has so much style to it like especially during its launch with the ungodly price tag but very modern hardware for 2006 standards. Especially during the early days, they had a lot of cool little things in the system firmware like the ability to install Linux or FreeBSD with the free space of the hard disk on pre-3.00 firmware. Also I'd love to gush about the BLACK XMB THAT IT USED TO HAVE, GOD IT LOOKED SO GOOD WHY DID THEY REMOVE IT AND THE INFORMATION BAR GOD I LOVE IT SO MUCH EVEN THO EVERYONE HATED IT I LOVE THE CONCEPT OF IT. PLAYSTATION HOME AND LIFE WITH PLAYSTATION DUDE..... THEY WERE SO GOOD BUT THEY GOT RID OF THE SERVICES.... As a PS3 user back in its hay day, I love everything about it and maybe a lot of my gushing towards it is just nostalgia, I have a lot of nostalgia of the PS3 which some of the games we had.